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Jennuine Expressions

Since embarking on my art journey in 2016, my passion has led me to explore a diverse range of styles and mediums, including watercolor, magazine collage, and most recently digital art. As a self-taught artist, I love discovering new ways to express my talents and skills, enjoying the freedom to transition between different mediums as inspiration strikes.

Relocating from Houston to Dripping Springs in 2021 marked a transformative moment, as my art became the heart and soul of my newfound life as an empty nester. Through creating art, I’ve forged meaningful connections within the Dripping Springs community, finding friendships with a vibrant group of creative individuals and experiencing personal flourishing.

In my role as the curator of The Gallery at Salon Mystique from 2022-2023, I successfully expanded the gallery from 5 to 35 artists, showcasing nearly 200 captivating pieces. Additionally, in 2023, I proudly assumed the position of a founding member and Membership Chair for the Dripping Springs Art League, a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of “Art! Community! Connection!” under the leadership of my husband, Steve. We eagerly anticipate a full schedule of programming in 2024, and you can learn more and become a member at