Common Questions

  • Your membership is tax deductible. Dripping Springs Art League, Inc. Is IRS certified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation
  • Many employers offer matching gifts.  Please check with your employer. Your founding circle status is based on your gift plus matching funds. 
  • If you join in 2023, then membership will be valid through the end of 2024.  If you join in 2024, then your membership will be for 12 calendar months.  
  • An individual membership is for one person. If you have a business then you can choose to have your membership listed under your name or your business name.
  • Installment payments are available upon request for the Gold & Platinum levels. You can decide if you want to split it evenly across the first 2 months or first 4 months of membership. 
  • The Founding Circle are members who are passionate about art and in establishing the Dripping Springs Art League as the art hub for the community.
  • Our calendar of events can be found here
  • We strive to make our programing events as low cost as possible for our members.  We may have programs that will cost an additional fee depending on the event,  speaker, or presenter.  
  • Art Tours will be an additional cost – to be determined at a later date.  

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